MxV Rail leadership – together, we unlock momentum.

Our senior leadership team is made up of life-long professionals who’ve dedicated their careers to the rail industry. Most of us have worked together for decades.

Leadership Team


Kari was appointed President and CEO of MxV Rail in a unanimous decision by the board in September 2021. Kari was at the helm while MxV Rail built new infrastructure, transformed its services, and moved operations in 2022. She leads the team with the advantage of 20 years’ service and experience in the rail industry. She is a mechanical engineer by training, holds an MBA, and was recognized by Progressive Railroading as a “rising star.” She was the inaugural candidate for our Railroad Exchange Program, spending a year at BNSF as a visiting professional.

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Shawn has held a number of roles in his advancing career with the rail industry. Prior to joining MxV Rail in 2021, Shawn was Assistant Vice President of Engineering for Kansas City Southern overseeing capital programs, track maintenance, testing and standards for the U.S., Mexico, and territories. Shawn started as a railroader at BNSF and has held leadership positions with CSX and OmniTRAX.



Jason is responsible for MxV Rail’s customer experience from testing to implementing solutions. He brings 20 years of rail industry experience and a mechanical engineering background to the task of building research programs that benefit the industry and encompass all needs of the customer. Jason joins MxV Rail from Strato, Inc and previously led technical projects in energy and fiber optics.


Based in Manitoba, Canada, Karen brings decades of railway experience and business acumen to MxV Rail. Prior to joining MxV Rail, Karen was Vice President of Technical Services for Wabtec Corporation and participated on multiple AAR technical and waiver committees. Her teams are known for exceptional customer service and keeping pace with rapidly changing domestic and global markets.



MaryClara is the steward of MxV Rail strategic plans. As executive director of Corporate Strategy and Technology she formulates strategy with the leadership team and oversees tactical initiatives. “MC” led design and construction of MxV Rail’s new facilities. She was an exchange engineer at Kansas City Southern in 2019. Born and raised in Pueblo, MC has degrees in mathematics, engineering, and an MBA.



Maureen joined MxV Rail as Vice President – Engineering, bringing extensive engineering knowledge and rail industry experience to support MxV Rail’s mission and values. She is responsible for leading over 100 exceptional engineers in the pursuit of delivering high-quality research, testing, and ancillary services to MxV Rail’s diverse customer base.



Niki is an executive leader with decades of experience in strategic communications, marketing initiatives, and organizational development. She joined MxV Rail in 2022 after advancing roles at Colorado State University Pueblo, most recently as the president’s Chief of Staff. Niki is a Pueblo native committed to MxV Rail’s community ties and momentum for the region as a rail industry epicenter.



Scott manages the AAR’s Strategic Research Initiatives program and has been with MxV Rail since 1997. Over the years, he has been a visiting professional at Norfolk Southern Railway, authored 100 technical research publications, and received multiple best paper awards. As a leader in innovation, Scott helps the industry set its research agenda decades in advance and supports university programs.



Tammy oversees all aspects of finance and accounting at MxV Rail, ensuring compliance and maintaining best practices based on 30 years in the financial sector. She joined MxV Rail in 1998 and has served in multiple roles with accounting, compliance, and business services. Tammy currently serves on the AAR Pension and 401(k) Boards among others.



Julie ensures that MxV Rail is a high-performing organization by leveraging the talents and expertise of its people. As general manager of People Operations, she builds career pathways, rewards, benefits, and progression for employees. She and her People Operations team also ensure regulatory compliance and mitigate risks specific to the rail industry environment.

Board of Directors

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