AAR Quality Assurance & Industry Conference February 27-29, 2024

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Don’t miss this invaluable opportunity to meet and engage with
railway industry professionals! While the conference is designed
as a forum for AAR Accredited Auditors, anyone interested in the
M-1003 auditing process is welcome.

Featured Sessions

Sessions presented by AAR QAC members and railway industry professionals:

  • AAR Quality Assurance Committee Q&A Sessions
  • AAR Technical Committee Updates
  • Emerging Railway Technologies
  • Advanced Quality Topics
  • Featured Industry Speakers
  • 2024 M-1003 Revisions
  • Future of the M-1003 Program
  • Workshops (TBA)

Conference Venue

Discover an Oasis Nestled In the Arizona Desert

The 36th AAR Quality Assurance & Industry Conference will be hosted at the Hilton Phoenix Resort at the Peak. Anyone interested in learning more about the AAR quality process is encouraged to attend. Further, the conference is a great opportunity to meet and network with quality professionals in the railway industry.

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