Swisspod and MxV Rail bring new hyperloop facility to the US

The world’s second operational test track for Hyperloop testing is being built by SwissPod at MxV Rail’s new test site. Working together, the key players are pioneering technology while they build connections between industry incumbents and emerging leaders. Hyperloop is an ultra-high-speed ground transportation system for passengers or cargo. The MxV Rail team is working with SwissPod to validate their patented propulsion system, along with a full-scale capsule and the operational infrastructure needed for cargo transportation. “We selected MxV Rail (formerly TTCI) for its remarkable track record of leadership and success in the testing, development, and deployment of emerging transportation technologies. This new partnership will be vital to our market positioning, not only as pioneers of a highly efficient propulsion system but also as one of the most affordable Hyperloop infrastructure propositions in the world,” said Denis Tudor, co-founder and CEO of Swisspod. MxV Rail’s new infrastructure at PuebloPlex provides a perfect combination of security and space for the research. The partnership is just one of many demonstrating MxV Rail’s long-term commitment to the economy of Pueblo and helping to realize lawmakers’ vision of Southern Colorado as a leader in transportation R&D. “Pueblo and Southern Colorado have long been home to the foremost rail research in the nation. The partnership with Swisspod extends that legacy and solidifies our place as transportation innovators,” said Jeff Shaw, CEO of Pueblo Economic Development Corporation (PEDCO). SwissPod’s goal is widespread deployment of carbon-neutral high-speed transportation technology by 2050.