University Programs

Unique learning experiences, tackling the grand challenges in rail.

University support and student programming have been part of AAR’s Strategic Research Initiatives (SRI) program for decades. Through grants and hosted “University Days,” MxV Rail encourages the next generation of rail research.

“University Days,” an event sponsored by MxV Rail and AAR, provides university researchers, graduate students, and undergraduates the opportunity to explore careers and go behind the scenes in railway research. This annual event showcases the latest developments in rail technology, introduces mentors and friends, and invites researchers to network within the industry.

MxV Rail’s collaboration with the country’s top engineering schools led to creation of the “Grand Challenge” program. While there are many fascinating challenges in railroad engineering, only a few rise to the level of being grand challenges significant to all society. As part of the AAR’s SRI program, MxV Rail considers proposals and administers funding for university research teams focused on the grand challenges in railway technology.