Swisspod, in Partnership with MxV Rail, Breaks Ground with New Hyperloop Testing Facility in the U.S.

Russell DeSalvo, President & CEO of PuebloPlex, Kari Gonzales, Acting CEO & President of MxV Rail and Denis Tudor, CEO & Co-Founder of Swisspod prior to the project announcement in Pueblo, Colorado.

PUEBLO, CO – September 2, 2021 – Swisspod partners with MxV Rail (formerly TTCI), a subsidiary of the Association of American Railroads (AAR), for the development and construction of its newest Hyperloop testing facility in Pueblo, Colorado. The initiative follows Swisspod’s launch of the first operational test track in Europe in July 2021. The company’s second facility will be built at PuebloPlex, an expansive and growing campus with a vision to enable sustainability, innovation, and long-term economic development.

Swisspod Hyperloop pod rendering – link to download

Building a Full-Scale Hyperloop Capsule at the U.S. Innovation Hub for Transportation

Hyperloop is an ultra-high-speed ground transportation system for passenger and cargo. Hyperloop’s sealed tubes and pressurized vehicles, called pods, move at very high speeds, dramatically reducing point-to-point destinations travel time with minimal environmental impact.

At this new facility, Swisspod will test and validate innovative technology patents underpinning its unique propulsion system and build a full-scale capsule and operational infrastructure for cargo transportation in collaboration with its trusted research partner MxV Rail. This partnership advances Swisspod’s global expansion strategy, fueling its fast-paced growth in the key U.S. market, while augmenting significant research and testing capabilities. This strategy was pushed forward recently with the addition of Dr. Michael Horodniceanu, P.E., prominent leader in transportation, to Swisspod’s U.S. Board of Directors.

“We selected MxV Rail for its remarkable track record of leadership and success in the testing, development, and deployment of emerging transportation technologies. This new partnership will be vital to our market positioning, not only as pioneers of a highly efficient propulsion system but also as one of the most affordable Hyperloop infrastructure propositions in the world.”, Denis Tudor, Co-founder & CEO of Swisspod.

Collaborative testing with MxV Rail

Bringing Down Industry Walls to Shape the Future of Mobility

MxV Rail will provide engineering insight, operational and test plan support in collaboration with Swisspod. Working together to develop and deploy the pioneering technology of Hyperloop, Swisspod and MxV Rail are bringing down the walls and building bridges between industry incumbents and emerging leaders, creating a historical shift that paves the way for transformative change in transportation technology.

“Our partnership with Swisspod is the first of many opportunities to extend our legacy as leaders in transportation research. Our team’s experience in performance testing and our capability to reduce the product development cycle is unmatched in North America,” Kari Gonzales, Acting CEO of MxV Rail.

This partnership is another example of MxV Rail’s commitment to its employees and the Pueblo, Colorado community. Earlier this year, MxV Rail  announced a new partnership with the Pueblo Economic Development Corporation (PEDCO) that will enhance its role as a leading transportation research, testing, and training facility. By working with key Pueblo stakeholders, MxV Rail’s new first-in-class facilities will be capable of meeting the evolving needs of the transportation sector including research into Hyperloop technologies.

Strengthening Community Bonds

PuebloPlex provides the perfect combination of security and space to support Swisspod’s testing goals.  The alignment between the PuebloPlex mission, Swisspod’s vision, and MxV Rail’s engineering prowess creates a formidable combination capable of advancing the technology.

“This is a very exciting moment for PuebloPlex and our community. Being able to leverage our vast and unique resources to the advantage of MxV Rail and their partnership with Swisspod is a significant step forward in the implementation of the PuebloPlex redevelopment plan. Pueblo has long been home to transportation research. The addition of the Swisspod Hyperloop testing facility truly marks the beginning of a new frontier.” Russell DeSalvo, President & CEO of PuebloPlex.

The development of this new testing facility and subsequent research is also a major step toward Southern Colorado’s vision of becoming a leader in developing and deploying life-changing transportation technology, built upon Pueblo’s strong history of supporting innovative companies.

“Pueblo and Southern Colorado have long been home to the foremost rail research in the nation. The partnership with Swisspod extends that legacy and solidifies our place as transportation innovators. Maintaining our thriving, future-forward research base is a top priority that pays countless dividends across our community,” Jeff Shaw, CEO of Pueblo Economic Development Corporation (PEDCO).

About Swisspod

Swisspod is a Swiss-American transportation technology company leading the development of the most sustainable, efficient, and comprehensive Hyperloop solution. Swisspod aims to change the way people travel by connecting every major city using carbon-neutral high-speed transportation technologies. By 2050, the company envisions a continental network that will facilitate collaboration, accelerate human progress, and create a more prosperous future for generations to come. Swisspod was founded in 2019 by leading Hyperloop veterans and multiple-award winners of the SpaceX Hyperloop competition. It is headquartered in Monthey, Switzerland, with U.S. offices in Miami Beach, Florida. For more information, visit and follow Swisspod on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

About PuebloPlex

PuebloPlex is the redevelopment authority for the U.S. Army Depot located in Pueblo, Colorado.  Charged with facilitating the reuse of millions of square feet of buildings and over 23,000 acres of land, PuebloPlex offers the space and infrastructure to incubate and expand new and established companies. PuebloPlex hosts manufacturing, warehousing and distribution operations, and transportation industry opportunities.  For more information, visit and follow PuebloPlex on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.