MxV Rail Welcomes the Industry in a Virtual Open House

November 4, 2022, Pueblo, CO – MxV Rail (formerly TTCI) is fully operational at new multi-campus facilities, and the team welcomes research partners from around the world to tour its new infrastructure.

The new virtual “Open House” series, running through the remainder of this year, features MxV Rail’s talented team hosting and sharing the latest about their work and capabilities. Follow MxV Rail on YouTube, LinkedIn or other social media for a behind the scenes look at:


Episode 1     Welcome and Overview, hosted by Kari Gonzales, President & CEO


Episode 2     Impact Testing Wall tour, hosted by Ben Bakkum, Principal Investigator


Episode 3     Metallurgy and Calibration Laboratories, hosted by Ananyo Banerjee, Principal Investigator I; Randal Thompson, Senior Instrumentation Engineer; and Team


Episode 4     Damage Prevention and Load Services tour, hosted by Kelsey Even, Technical Committee Manager II


Episode 5     High Speed Loop tour, hosted by Stan Gurulé, Scientist


Episode 6     Tour of Operations & Training Center featuring SERTC (Security & Emergency Response Training Center), hosted by MaryClara Jones, Principal Investigator II; Forrest Wieder, SERTC Executive Director


Join and see why MxV Rail is the foremost authority on testing and implementing technologies in a safe and sustainable way, and how clients collaborate with MxV Rail in an innovative and independent test environment.

What Others Are Saying in Voices from the Industry

MxV Rail remains a proud subsidiary of the Association of American Railroads (AAR), and recognizes more than 40-years of industry support that have led to the new era. Alongside the Open House video series, MxV Rail will release “Insights: Voices from the Industry” to honor remarkable achievements of the past year and look forward into the future of rail research and engineering.

MxV Rail Board Member and CN Railway Executive VP Rob Reilly said, “Moving over $100M of assets in just nine months is simply remarkable in and of itself. You all, through your efforts, help make our railroads safer, you help make our industry more reliable, and you help make our industry more efficient. And, once again, thank you for all that you do for our industry.”

Other Board Members and industry thought leaders will be lending their voices in the weeks ahead. Watch for a special message from Ian Jefferies, President and CEO of the Association of American Railroads (AAR), to conclude the series.

Entering 2023 With Unstoppable Momentum

In the words of MxV Rail leadership, “our organization enters 2023 as MxV Rail with unstoppable momentum and we want to celebrate the success with all of our friends, colleagues and clients around the world.  We can’t wait to show you what’s next!”


About MxV Rail: MxV Rail (formerly TTCI) is a subsidiary of the Association of American Railroads established to provide vital support to the nation’s rail industry as its most trusted research and engineering partner. Through focused funding and strategic planning, MxV Rail is making key investments in its people and facilities to undertake new technological challenges in the rail industry and beyond. Building on its legacy of excellence, the team offers a full suite of advisory and research services including consulting, testing, research, maintaining standards and training. Learn more at