MxV Rail Welcomes Industry Experts Michael Craft & Yi Wang

Pueblo, CO, October 26, 2021 –  MxV Rail (formerly TTCI) welcomes two new seasoned industry experts as principal investigators with our Vehicle/Track Interaction team. Our interdisciplinary team continues to advance the safety, reliability, and efficiency of railway and transportation technology globally.

“Michael Craft and Yi Wang make an exciting addition to our team with their respected industry experience and engineering expertise,” says MxV Rail Vice President of Engineering, Ken Laine.

Michael Craft has spent the majority of his career on projects related to vehicle dynamics, sensors, measurement techniques, vibrations & controls, dynamic modeling, and laboratory and field testing. Within the rail industry, he has worked with on-vehicle and wayside measurements for track and vehicle condition assessments, related vehicle-track interaction simulations to measurements, and studied advanced sensing and analysis techniques to enhance the ability to assess track conditions. He worked for many years on ground vehicle suspension systems, mostly related to the use of controllable damping systems.

Craft joined Amtrak Engineering in 2014 and, in 2015, was promoted to Principal Engineer in the Track Geometry group where he worked on a variety of projects involving the collection and analysis of various data for track condition assessment, rail and tie defect detection, vehicle dynamics modeling, maintenance planning, and other engineering needs.

Yi Wang has joined the Vehicle Track Interaction Group remotely from Calgary, AB. Before joining MxV Rail, Yi spent 10 years with Canadian Pacific (CP). During his time at CP, Yi worked in fields related to car engineering, brake systems, vehicle and train dynamics, and derailment investigation. During this time he has been trained and/or qualified as a car inspector, welder, conductor, and locomotive engineer at CP. Yi is currently a PhD candidate in his third year with the VTI Research Group at Simon Fraser University.