International Wheelset Congress (IWC) Is Open for Registration


20th International Wheelset Congress Begins Soon in Chicago

January 23, 2022, Pueblo, CO – Rail industry leaders and technical experts will be convening soon for the International Wheelset Congress 2023 (IWC), one of the premier international rail conferences.

More than 300 attendees are expected from freight, passenger, and transit railway operations around the world. This year’s theme “The Interdependent Ecosystem of Wheelsets” will be set in downtown Chicago from May 8-11, 2023.

This unique forum focuses on the latest technologies and advancements of rail wheelset components and performance with a goal of increasing the productivity, efficiency and safety of various modes of rail operations. Traditionally, IWC only convenes once every three years, and it has not been hosted in North America since 2004. This event is a rare opportunity for rail operators, equipment builders, component suppliers, academia, government, regulatory and standards organizations around the world to come together and discuss innovation.

This year’s IWC steering committee includes:

  • Augusto Mensi – (Chair) Lucchini RS / ERWA, Italy
  • Scott Cummings – MxV Rail, USA
  • Elixabet Gallastegi – CAF MiiRA, Spain
  • Jiyuan Liu – China Railway, China
  • Ted Fujimura – Nippon Steel, Japan
  • Emma Molobi – Transnet, South Africa
  • Jason Livingston – Aurizon, Australia

MxV Rail (formerly TTCI) and Amsted Rail are honored to host this year. The four-day program will feature 70+ technical papers from 20 different countries on 6 continents, in addition to networking opportunities and the option of a technical tour.

Get involved in the IWC 2023 today:

  • Explore the sponsorship opportunities that remain available (booth space, meal or break sponsorship, delegates, marketing and promotion)
  • Register to attend IWC at The Drake Hotel in Chicago, IL. Register before February 8, 2023, for an early bird discount.
  • Follow IWC on Twitter (@IWC_2023) and LinkedIn for all the latest news and updates.

Don’t miss IWC’s return to North America and discover how wheelset innovation is benefiting the industry today and in the future.

5 Reasons to Attend IWC 2023

  1. It’s the world’s oldest and original railway technical conference.
  2. Live this year’s theme “The Interdependent Ecosystem of Wheelsets.”
  3. 70+ technical papers, from 20 countries, from 6 continents.
  4. IWC typically convenes only once every three years.
  5. Chicago has a special place in the history of rail and is sure to inspire.

The 20th International Wheelset Congress will be held at The Drake Hotel in downtown Chicago from May 8-11, 2023. Act now to explore sponsorship opportunities before it’s too late.

Visit the IWC 2023 registration page to learn more.


Niki Toussaint, AVP Marketing,

MxV Rail/Amsted Rail sponsorship team,