Annual Research Review: where rail researchers gather to build knowledge

The 27th Annual AAR Research Review brought together 400+ railroad professionals, suppliers, academic researchers and regulators in Pueblo, CO to showcase cutting-edge research performed by MxV Rail, under the AAR’s Strategic Research Initiatives (SRI) program, and supported by the rail industry. The conference included formal technical sessions, poster sessions and displays, interactive learning events that sparked new conversations, and an in-field track walk guided by MxV Rail’s team of subject matter experts. Much of the program was held at the downtown Pueblo Convention Center near the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk. An Early Career Railroader Workshop is always part of the agenda to extend rail research knowledge and support up-and-coming railroaders growing their professional networks. At the morning event, our MxV Rail experts lead the workshop and tailor content specifically to new rail professionals. We deliver a high-level overview of the diverse portfolio within the SRI program, and we help early career professionals establish a peer network in railway research. We know that when the industry invests in developing technology it pays off by improving safety, enhancing productivity, and supporting environmental sustainability across operations. Future-focused investments, such as the work pursued by the SRI program, are incubating the next generation of North American railway innovations and strengthening all the benefits of a vibrant rail system.