SERTC “Re-imagined” welcomes students

By offering students a one-of-a-kind experience, SERTC has become a global leader in training for hazardous materials response in all forms of surface transportation. Our newly designed site features the modern tank cars and highway vessels, including DOT-117 tank cars. Students are training with exactly what they can expect to see in the field through curricula that represents the latest industry standards. Team SERTC has also recently expanded the playbook of SERTC scenarios, bringing to life the most immersive, true-to-life training experiences to date. Inside the new classrooms, students have the advantages of all the latest tech such as LED display walls, instructor touchscreens, and other interactive elements that help keep the content engaging. In addition to the latest standards, the updated curriculum reflects the latest adult education methods to help trainees retain what they learn. The instructors themselves the most valuable asset of SERTC’s program. Team SERTC, like their students, represent a wide variety of backgrounds and experience. From fire, police, EMS, railroad, and the private sector. Every course is led by a cadre of instructors, so that students benefit from different perspectives and stay engaged in the learning. To learn more about what SERTC can do for you, reach out directly to a Team SERTC instructor on the SERTC Facebook page. Check out courses available on the registration page of