MxV Rail Looks Forward to Hosting WCRR in 2025

There are few experiences like a gathering of international rail researchers focused on making our industry better. The World Congress on Railway Research (WCRR) is an iconic symbol for the spirit of research, fostering a community from around the world that shares a passion for rail and shared knowledge that moves the industry forward with safety and efficiency. Our shared purpose helps each of us bridge the divide between oceans and country boundaries to work together to find solutions to today’s challenges and create the synergy that will fuel tomorrow’s innovations. MxV Rail is honored to have been named host of WCRR in 2025 and will welcome rail researchers from around the globe to our home state of Colorado for what we believe will be a memorable experience. As part of technical tours, attendees will be invited to our newly constructed test facilities in Pueblo, including our high speed test loop and laboratories, and, of course, our world-class Security & Emergency Response Training Center, known to first responders far and wide as SERTC. Hosting WCRR is a natural role for MxV Rail given its global capabilities. Just in the last year, we signed new knowledge sharing agreements with the UK’s Global Centre of Rail Excellence (GCRE) among others and entered a strategic partnership with UK-based strategic engineering and environmental consultancy, Ricardo PLC, to bring together decades of expertise and specialized knowledge across our two engineering teams. MxV Rail is also proud to be collaborating with SwissPod Technologies of Switzerland to build the world’s second operational test track for Hyperloop testing at MxV Rail’s PuebloPlex location. Together we are working to validate Swisspod’s patented propulsion system and develop the full-scale capsule and operational infrastructure needed for cargo transportation, with the goal of widespread deployment by 2050.